According to Mom, my first word was “See” and if that’s true I’ve been trying to do so since. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs Frantz had an awkwardness about her, a bit removed her essence seemed to be buried. One day in a lesson, she paused and looked at the class. She had this soft and reflective gaze in her eyes, vulnerable. The sun was streaming through the window, backlighting her, she looked like a different person, different from the teacher that I experienced everyday. Kind and radiant. I wished that I could show her that moment in a photograph but I didn’t have the tools. I was fascinated that a face that I thought I knew could reveal something different in the right moment, in the right light. My life is a parade of images and the number I’ve captured are far less than the ones that I’ve observed. That’s my motivation and affliction.

I was a Cinematographer before I knew what that word meant. Thankfully I found my way into a high school Photography class and then to Art School (SCAD). I lived in a darkroom for years, truly. My hands smelled of fixer and stop bath. I didn’t use tongs. Stills were the beginning for me and they are the foundation of the moving image. It takes different tools and skills to acquire both but the end goal is the same.

DO you feel something?

How can this image transform you?

In terms of my career as an image-maker I’ve been fortunate. I’ve learned tons from my collaborators and have a lot to learn from my future ones.

As you go though my work, I’ve written a little bit about every project. Intent, technical info and accolades. The still section of my site is my heart. The images I can shoot without compromise. My Family, travels, people I love, the wonder I see on most days. Sometimes there’s a unifying theme but usually it’s simply the desire to “see”.